Buying your very first property is a daunting and overwhelming process. There are a lot of concerns and sacrifices to be made before finally deciding if this is the right time to buy or if the property is right for you and your family.

While it’s understandable that you have doubts, fears and hesitations, having a home that you call your “own” is a rewarding experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Think of it as not just an investment but a place where you and your family can build memories that would last for a lifetime.

Everybody dreams of becoming a homeowner, however in order to become one there are a lot of processes and steps to be considered. But don’t let this be a hindrance or a reason for you not to pursue that dream.

If you are thinking, planning or looking for a first home,

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In this world of internet, visiting most mortgage broker’s website will let you find a range of calculators for checking borrowing power, repayments etc. But depending on your individual requirements and objectives the calculated results may vary greatly to the actual figure. Talk to us today to find out your real situation or if you are in a 50km radius of Campbelltown, NSW we can visit you at your convenience and provide you with an assessment for absolutely free of charge.

Knowing your budget

one of the most important steps in buying your home is to know what your capacity to pay is. A good way of knowing this is to review and check your monthly household budget. Know your monthly income and expenses so that you can create a workable budget and stick to it especially if you are already starting to pay off your mortgage.

Knowing your limitations

one common mistake of home buyers is to overshoot their budget or expect money that is not there yet. Be realistic and buy only what you can afford. Remember that you could stand to lose your home if you can’t pay for it regularly.

Get rid of excess debts

one way to help you plan your finances well is to make sure you avoid having too much debt. If you think that you have one too many credit cards, then avoid using all of them. Get rid of credit cards or loans that have high interest rates because this will just burden your budget. Make sure that you prioritize your home loan first.

Find the right property

of course as a first time home buyer you would really want to purchase your dream home – one that has the perfect size, location and even home design, but then again keep in mind to always consider your budget. There’s no point in looking for a huge house if you can only afford a small one. Once you have identified the budget range you can afford, consider the proximity from schools, supermarkets, transportation and more importantly the condition of the home/property.