Are you planning to purchase a home or land? A checklist can help you hunting without hurdles.

  1. Do you use trains & buses to get to work? Check whether there is a public transport nearby.
  2. Do you have children attending school or going to school in the near future? Check for good local schools nearby.
  3. Check whether or not there are good Cafes and Restaurants nearby.
  4. Check the crime rates for the suburb in which you intend to purchase the property. You may be able to check this through the state’s crime statistics bureau. You could also talk to the locals and potential neighbours regarding the area.
  5. Check the area at night time to observe whether or not it is a loud area.
  6. Properties beside a housing commission property can experience the consequences of declining value. Remember, you shouldn’t disregard rising suburbs that are currently in the process of restoration.

For purchasing Land

  1. Check whether the block of land is on a slope or not. Find the location of storm water and sewage pipes as you may run the risk of overflow through your property if drainage hasn’t been properly installed. Some real estate agents keep this information hidden from buyers.
  2. If you are concerned about the noise from traffic, it is better to avoid land which faces the main road.
  3. Check the quality of the soil as it may affect the growth of plants and grass.
  4. Check whether the land is affected by landslips or not. This is potentially dangerous and can cause awful destruction to your home.
  5. Complete your check for easements with help from a conveyancer because sometimes they are unregistered and this can affect your ability to use and access of the property.
  6. Check the size of the land and consider if it is suitable to fit your dream home plan in it.
  7. Check whether there are any council imposed restrictions on the land such as any restrictions to constructing a driveway in front of the house.
  8. Is the land is affected by landfill?

For Purchasing an existing home

  1. Is the house bright and spacious?
  2. Is the kitchen functional? Is there enough space to freely move around? Do the cupboards open and close properly? Does the sink work properly? Is there enough space to fit a large Fridge?
  3. Check for any water damage in the bathrooms.
  4. Are the bathroom/s and toilet/s separate?
  5. Is the toilet joint to the living room?
  6. Is there enough storage space and/or wardrobes in the bedrooms?
  7. Is the property connected to both electricity and gas or only electricity?
  8. Does the property have enough garage space or any other space for parking? For example; street parking, carport etc.
  9. Are the bedrooms large enough for your needs and requirements?
  10. Does the property require renovations?
  11. Are the renovations minor e.g. repainting, changing floorings etc.
  12. Are the areas which lead outdoors; such as balconies, facing north?
  13. Which direction does the property as a whole face? The direction the property faces may affect the amount of sunlight the property is exposed to. The positioning of the property will affect its price, is getting a good deal worth it if the property is not positioned well?
  14. Does the property have carpet? If so, what sort of flooring is under the carpet? Timber flooring in particular is highly valued, especially in older properties and the vendor may not have factored this into the price. This could ultimately affect the overall price of the property.
  15. Does the property allow for pets e.g. for a unit/townhouse?
  16. Is it viable to live at this property for the next five years? Is it spacious enough to accommodate for a growing family?

Good luck for your hunting.
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