Home loan health check

You may be losing thousands of dollars which can be used for a family holiday. I know you are surprised, as simple as an annual home loan review from a mortgage broker could help you save this money and it is completely free.

The reasons for losing thousands of dollars can vary and depends on the individual circumstances. A home loan health check can help you find these reasons as well as having various other benefits;

  1. Find out whether you are paying too much on interest rate and how much you could save by switching to another Bank.
  2. Maybe you have other debts like personal loan and balance transferred credit cards and you are struggling with home loan repayments. Your mortgage broker may be able to help you with debt consolidation into your home loan.
  3. You may not be taking advantage of your home loan features, particularly if your own circumstance will or has as of late changed, for example, beginning a family, renovating your home or purchasing an investment property.
  4. If you are planning to for example buy an investment property, a family holiday, purchasing new furniture, a Mortgage broker can help you to find out the property value and let you know whether you are in a position to access your equity or not.
  5. Regardless of whether you began in a variable rate or a fixed rate, a home loan review can enable you to make an informed decision.
  6. If you are paying higher interest rate because of low doc, bad credit or specialist home loan, a home loan health check can find out whether you are in a position to refinance with other lenders who provide a better interest rate.

Not an Aussem Mortgage Solutions Client? Don’t worry

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